Self-adhesive and static vinyl foils

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DIY staircase makeover

The staircase is often the least decorated part of our home. We rush up and down and rarely take the time to make it look nicer. If you want to change that, on a budget, self-adhesive foil might be the right step

While new, white staircase looks beautiful. But soon it gets scratched, and looks clean for about 10 minutes that it takes for the floor cleaner solution to dry. With pets, it can be even less.

To decorate this white staircase, we decided to use a tile design with few contrasting colors. Something that matches the rest of the interior but makes the staircase more fun. Noa Dark Nostalgic fit this description. After cleaning the stairs thoroughly we measured the stair raisers.

Organize the cut offs

They were not all of the same size. After calculating how many stair raisers are approximately the same size, we cut roughly the needed size using the measures on the backing paper, and then organized the sizes of the cut pieces on the right step.

The next step was pretty simple. Remove a part of the backing paper and start applying the cut pieces to the right step raiser. For this, it was best to use a microfiber cloth to smooth out the air bubbles and get the foil to adhere properly.

Starting on the side, we applied the foil, pressed and smoothed down with the cloth and slowly removed the backing. We reapplied the cut offs if the air bubbles were stubborn. One finished, 15 more to go.

Since we did not bother to have 100% right measures, we had to cut the excess foil off.

This simple tutorial and a project that takes about 45minuets with the application, was the fastest way to do a staircase makeover. The best part, it is easy to remove it and put a new design. Will you try it too?